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Freelance Trainers

Book your Fitness studio time

At Be Fit Now Studios we offer our fitness studio space for rent to Personal Trainers.

Our goal is to inspire and support the growth of freelance professionals by providing an affordable, flexible and Complete fitness studio. Whether you’re an established freelancer or starting out in the industry, we are giving professionals their independence and the ability to grow their business. I personally wanted to empower and help professionals support their client’s goals in the most meaningful and impactful way. We are disrupting the way in which conventional gyms operate with no monthly fixed fees, and affordable pricing. The current attitude towards professionals has been tied into restricted establishments which require long-term commitment. We just want to encourage and support freelance professionals and prevent them from being taking advantage of. We also benefit individuals who are committed only to their Personal Trainer yet are traditionally obliged to sign up as a gym member. We offer our gym space for rent member-ship free  and their fee is to the PT, not us. It’s a win-win!



Our Address:

2709 Coventry Road 

Oakville, ON L6H 5V9



tel&txt: 416-824-1408

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